New 30A High-Power 12V 3-phase Brushless Motor PWM Speed Controller

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This controller is designed for high-power brushless motor. It is small but has many functions, including steering gear test function.


With micro single-chip system, this speed control can achieve simple system programming, which can suit better high-speed high-power brushless motors. It has several functions:

1.Safety Startup: To avoid any injury, the motor will not start up immediately if the potentiometer of speed controller is not at the lowest gear, which is necessary for high-speed high-power motor to protect user’s safety.

2. Temperature Protection: The speed control has aluminum heat sink, which allows it work at 30 A continuously. When temperature reaches 110 celsius degree, temperature detect system will send a protection signal and system will auto decrease 60% power output to protect speed control and motor. It will back to normal power after temperature is decreased. To protect the actuator module, please dissipate heat during long-time using.

3. The signal loss prevention: Auto shut down when there is no signal detected from PWM signal generator(potentiometer ).

4. Power Identification System: The speed control has power identification system, which is designed for high-speed high-power motors such as in model plane. It is not suitable for low-power brushless motors.

5, Programming Functions: With single-chip control system, some functions could be altered:

a, Startup: Flexible slow startup/direct startup

b, Braking: Reverse load quick braking/free braking

c, Adjustable Timing: Small/medium/large

d, Low Voltage Protection: Low/medium/high

e, Battery Types: Lithium /nickel chrome/NIMH/plumbic acid

6. Back to Factory Settings: Wrong operation can be cleared

6. Other Function(please ignore if only used for motor drive ) : The external PWM signal generator can send signal to control speed or to turn steering gear, therefore it can test steering gears less than 55 g.


Rated Voltage: DC 6-12.8 V (12 V suggested, no higher than 12.8 V)

Rated Current: 32 A(no higher than 40 A)

Rated Power: 5 V 0.5 A

Temperature Protection: 110 celsius degree

Speed Control Range: 8%-98%

Suitable Number of Poles: 2-18

Startup Methods: Flexible slow startup/direct startup

Braking Mode: Reverse load braking/without braking

Speed Control Signal: 8 KHz / 16 KHz fixed frequency PWM

Steering Gear Test Function: Below 55 g

Packaging list:

1 x Speed Controller

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