New Electronic-Door-Lock-12V-DC-300×300

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This is a simple to us 12V Electronic Cabinet/Door Lock. You can use it to lock and unlock Cabinets/Doors using a 12V power supply. These Locks are basically electromagnets: they are made of a big coil of copper wire with an armature (a slug of metal) in the middle. When the coil is energized, the slug is pulled into the center of the coil and the cabinet/door is unlocked. When 12V power is removed, an internal spring pushes the slug out and the cabinet/door is locked again. This lock is great for DIY and Hobby Projects – Home Automation, Smart and Automatic Doors, Cabinets and Windows, etc

This means that when activated with up to 12 V DC, the solenoid moves and when the voltage is removed it springs back to the original position, which is quite handy. This one even has nice mounting holes, its a great all-purpose solenoid.

To drive a 12V lock from an Arduino or any other microcontroller, you will need a power transistor and a diode. You can also use our relay boards to control the lock from an Arduino. You will need a fairly good power supply to drive a lock, as a lot of current will rush into the lock to charge up the electro-magnet, so don’t try to power it with a 9V battery!


Size: L27mm*W29mm*H18mm

Lead length: 25mm

12V DC operation (you can use 9-14 DC volts, but lower voltage results in weaker/slower operation)

Push or pull type

Locking telescopic length: 10mm

Unlock time: 1 second

Widely used in automation projects, electronic safes.

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