New UT61A-Modern-LCD-Digital-Multimeter_001-300×300

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UT61A Modern LCD Digital Multi meter series digital multi meter is has high reliability, high security, automatic range, a handheld multi meter, etc. It has a large digital screen and high-resolution analog display synchronous pointer, full range of overhead protection and unique design of the appearance, make it become another excellent performance of a new generation of practical electric instrument.

can be used for all kinds of colleges and universities, casting, telecommunications, manufacturing, oil, defense, power, casting, circuit inspection of power equipment, maintenance and repair of ideal tool.

the product description

Basic Functions gamma better accuracy

DC Voltage Measurement 400mV

4 V / 40 V / 400 V

1000 V +/- (0.8% + 3)

+/- (0.5% + 1)

+/- (1% + 3)

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